Everyday is a raging thunderstorm

Even though the sun is out

The rain never stops

The clouds only follow me

And the thunder rumbles loudly whenever I look up

I haven’t done anything wrong

But I guess the sun hates me

Or maybe the thunderstorm loves me

I am always wishing for a day where my heart can beat

At its own slow pace

I am worn out

My skin has shriveled up

The rain has ruined me

And I can’t stop it now

It keeps pouring everyday

An umbrella would be nice

But its not within my reach

And no one is willing to lend me one

So I’ll just sit in this raging thunderstorm

Until it passes by

Because I’ve given up

On me


And I.


I guess I am moving on

And I am going to do it now

After waiting for so long

I finally found Courage

It was hiding in my bottom left drawer

I knew where it was all along

Just didn’t believe that I had the strength

To open it with my own two hands.



I have one foot in

 And one foot out

I keep slamming doors

Don’t know which ones to keep closed

Should I keep them all open

Should I wake up

And stop dreaming

Because this life has be believing

that I am chasing

doors with empty rooms

And they’re all non-existent

I think

I guess I don’t have a hold of my thoughts

They’re lost in a black hole that’s forever twirling

Somewhere far

Somewhere dark

Somewhere without light

And I am forever wondering

Do I keep dreaming,

Or should I step into a room called


Struggling to Keep Up

Sometimes I think I can never truly care for another,

It's like trying to keep score of the things they do for you

And trying to win back the points that they've earned so easily

While I struggle

They seem at ease

It's like an unfamiliar game

And they're the champion athlete

That happened to be stuck

Playing with me. 



I am a pair of scissors

 Maybe I can be tape too

So that after I cut my life to pieces

I can tape it back together

but I can never be tape

so I'll just become a stapler. 

The Unknown

Every time I try to fall asleep

I keep thinking about the future

My thoughts go through never ending mazes

Unsolvable puzzles appear

My eyes are shut

And my brain is stuck

In the land of horror and fear.




I w0nder

Maybe stressed

Or alone  

Smoking a cigarette

Next to his car

On his phone

Strolling through his feed

I wonder who he is...